How good is the air filtration efficiency of my N95 or KN95 masks? aggregates DIY filtration-test hardware, as well as testing data of masks at different particle size ranges, that aims at informing people about the action of their masks.
The website can be used to find the filtration rate of a specific brand of mask. During the Covid19 pandemic, there are many questions from the public as to what masks are
trustworthy. Because professional testing labs require much budget and time, we would like to show DIY testing results with only a small difference in accuracy.

Can our data be trusted?

We have verified that, although our data is not 1 to 1, it is in the same ballpark. If you want to see how we researched our data, go to the Setup section.

Fast and easy.

Follow the simple instructions at Procedure.

You can contribute.

If you have any other accurate way of researching data regarding the safety of masks, you can submit that through the Data Input section.

Contact Information.

Enze Tian - Graduate at MIT -
Minjune Kim - Lexington High School -
Thomas Li - Weston Middle School -